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Violent and Disruptive Incident Reporting - VADIR.


Federal law requires each state to determine annually which public schools are “persistently dangerous.” Each state may set its own criteria to assess and compare levels of violence across schools. New York bases its “persistently dangerous” determinations on two years’ worth of VADIR data. Since 2008 New York used a “School Violence Index” (SVI) comprised of a sum of weighted incidents divided by the school’s K-12 enrollment.

Each school district is required to submit Violent and Disruptive Incident Reports (VADIR) for each school building on an annual basis.

VADIR Guidance: To improve the completeness and accuracy of violent and disruptive incidents that occurred on school property or at school sponsored events during the school year between July 1 and June 30. School district administrators must include all incidents that occurred during the summer months, including when summer school is in session, on their annual Report of Incidents Concerning School Safety and the Educational Climate, commonly called VADIR .