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Professional Development

Below please find resources from our previous professional development sessions.


School Safety: Understanding and Enhancing School Safety Procedures Designed for Parents & Guardians, October 2023


Functional Annexes and Tabletop Exercise Workshop June 2023


Back to School: Classroom Management Playbook 

A series of 7 videos presenting strategies for creating a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment for all students - September 2022

Dignity Act Scenarios for Everyday Implemenation.jpg

The Dignity for All Students Act: Scenarios for Everyday Implementation October 2022

The New York State Center for School Safety, in partnership with the New York State Education Department, present a series of workshops designed to support your work to create safe and supportive learning environments.

School Safety and Climate Workshop Series 2022

PDF of PPT slides Initial Safety Plan Training 08-16-2022.jpg

Initial Annual Safety Plan Training as required by the Safe Schools Against Violence in Education Act, August 2022

The Dignity for All Students Act: Professional Development for DASA Coordinators, October 2021

Professional Development for DASA Coordinators October 2021_Page_01.jpg
DASA-tool for Training School Employees.jpg

Dignity Act Training for School Employees
Watch this training  - Updated August 2022

The 10 Essentials for
Improving School Climate

Recorded webinar 


Content has been divided into 7 short videos. Please begin with Part 1.

SEL Draft PPT Image free for website.jpg

Social Emotional Learning for Positive School Climate

Developing a Positive School Climate - F

Developing a Positive School Climate to Prevent Incidents

Webinars for School Safety & the Educational Climate (SSEC)

Click to watch the Emergency Response Training Modules.

Click to view SSEC webinars.

Emergency Response Planning for Schools

Click to watch the Emergency Response Training Modules.

Emergency Response Planning for Schools Video Series

Click to take the Lockdown 101 Training Modules.

Lockdown Drills 101: Video Series: Modules 1-4

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