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What We Do

Schools must be safe havens for teaching and learning, free from bullying, crime, and violence. The presence of any incident of this nature affects not only the target, but also the aggressor, bystanders, any instruction or program taking place, the school itself; indeed, the whole community.


The New York State Center for School Safety, operated by Measurement Incorporated, is a contracted technical assistance provider for the New York State Education Department Office of Student Support Services. The Center offers  statewide professional development and technical assistance services, including direct support to schools and districts in creating and maintaining safe and healthy learning environments for all New York State students.

Center staff are seasoned school safety professionals with expertise in comprehensive models of safe and supportive learning environments, crisis management, bullying prevention, and student learning.


The NYS Center for School Safety provides professional development and technical assistance to school and district administrators, staff, students, parents, community members and Boards of Cooperative Education.


The Center for School Safety assists schools using a comprehensive systems approach--a model that takes into account the dynamic and interactive components of a school system--to promote safe and supportive learning environments. Center services include:

  • Professional Learning opportunities for school staff

  • Training sessions and implementation resources to support requirements of Project SAVE and the Dignity for All Students Act

  • School Safety and the Educational Climate (SSEC formerly VADIR/DASA) data submission requirements

  • School site visits and Incident Reduction Plan implementation for schools designated as Persistently Dangerous

  • School Climate: tools, resources, and support for developing a positive school climate.

  • Research and evidence-based practices to create safe and supportive learning environments for all students. 

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