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School Climate

The attitude or collective mood of the people in the school particularly as it relates to their sense of safety and acceptance.  School Climate is an overarching experience or “feel” of the school.  It is a critical determinant of the ability of people in the school to focus on the tasks of teaching and learning.

What is School Climate?

Every Opportunity

Every Opportunity

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10 Essentials
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What is School Climate

Creating Positive School Climate

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“Welcoming Students With a Smile” by Youki Terada, Edutopia, September 11, 2018

Creating Positive School Climate
Highlighted Strategies
National Resources
Research and Practice Briefs

Preventing and Responding to Incidents

Responding to Hate and Bias at School, from Learning for Justice

1. LFJ-Responding-to-Hate-at-School-November-2021_Page_01.jpg

Responding to Bias Incidents in Middle and High Schools, from the Anti-Defamation League

2. ADL responding-to-bias-incidents-guide_Page_01.jpg

Critical Practices for Anti-Bias education, from Learning for Justice

4. LFJ Critical-Practices-for-Anti-bias-Ed-November-2021_Page_01.jpg

Preventing and Responding to Bias and Hate Incidents in K-12 Educational Setting, for the US Department of Justice Community Relations Services

3. US ED school-toolkit_brochure__Page_1.jpg

Research Summary: Prevention and Intervention: Multi-tiered Approaches to Bullying

1. prevention-and-intervention-mtss-approaches-to-bullying-research-summary.cleaned_Page_1

Research Summary: Social Emotional Learning and Bullying Prevention

2. sel-and-bullying-research-summary.cleaned.jpg
Preventing & Responding
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