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School Safety in New York

The New York State Education Department is committed to promoting safe learning environments where students and teachers work collaboratively in pursuit of academic excellence and social and emotional growth.

Safety Plans

One of the requirements of Project SAVE is that school districts develop, review and regularly update school safety plans at the district and building level. The districtwide school safety plan and building level emergency response plan are intended to define how each school district and all the buildings in the district will respond to acts of violence and other disasters thorough prevention, intervention, emergency response and management.


Safety plans should be submitted electronically via the New York State Education Department (NYSED) business portal.


Annexes: Included in Building Level Emergency Response Plan

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Safety Plan Development Resources

Sample Team Meeting Agenda.jpg
Capacity Assessment Staff.jpg

District Wide School Safety Plan


Building Level Emergency Response Plan

Floor Plan and Area Map Tip Sheet.jpg
ES_Handout #15_Emergency Response.cleane
NYSP Bomb Threat Checklist CP-4.jpg
DRAFT-Guide-for-Developing-and-Reviewing-SHELL-Functional-Annexes .jpg

Conducting Tabletop Exercises

Sample Tabletop Exercise - Incident Command System and Shelter-in-Place_Page_1.jpg
Designing Your Tabletop Exercise_Page_1.jpg

The purpose of a Tabletop Exercise is to provide an opportunity for your team to review and discuss their responses to a simulated incident and to identify the information, actions, and notifications that are needed. Tabletop Exercises can also identify strengths and areas for improvement in your Emergency Response Plans.

SHELL Tabletop Exercises.jpg

Communicating with Families

Pamphlet for Parents_Page_1.jpg
Pamphlet for Parents_Page_1.jpg
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For More Information

Training Modules

Click the button below to take the Emergency Response Training Modules.

Emergency Response Planning for Schools

This Initial Annual Safety Plan Training is a recorded slide presentation designed to provide an overview of student mental health, violence prevention, and includes prompts to guide your school or district through an overview of your District-Wide School Safety Plan and Building-Level Emergency Response Plan. 

Note: The training is designed as a group training session.

Initial Annual Safety Plan Training: required by Safe Schools Against Violence in Education Act

Training Module 1:

Developing and Enhancing Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with your Community Partners

Training Module 2:

The Incident Command System (ICS) for Schools

Training Module 3:

Integrating the Needs of Students and Staff with Disabilities and Other Access and Functional Needs

The New York State Education Department has created a series of 13 short video modules designed to support districts and schools in developing their District-Wide School Safety Plan and their Building-Level Emergency Response Plan. The videos provide a process for reviewing and revising your plans, information on the required content for the plans, and tips for submitting the plans.

Emergency Response Planning Video Series

This four-part self-paced training program provides an in-depth look at the practice of lockdown drills and to how to ensure they are conducted effectively while using a trauma-informed approach.


Developed and presented by Dr. Jaclyn Schildkraut and Dr. Amanda Nickerson

Lockdown Drills 101: Preparing For, Conducting, and Assessing Your Practices

Information from NYSED

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Audits Related to School Safety Planning Requirements

Updating and Submitting School Building Level Emergency Response Plans Related to District Wide Safety Plans for the 2019 – 20 School Year August 2019

Attachment 4_Page_1.jpg
Drills Memo-Sept

Memorandum of Understanding: Requiring schools to define the roles and responsibilities of school personnel, security personnel and law enforcement who are deployed in schools

Attachment 5_Page_1.jpg
Attachment 6_Page_01.jpg
Attachment 7_Page_1.jpg
Amendment to CR 155.17 Relating to District-wide School Safety Plans State Disaster Emerge
EmergencyResponsePlanMemo 2021-22_final_Page_1.jpg
School Security and Door Hardening Memo_2022_Page_1.jpg
Updating and Submitting 2022-23 School Year Building-Level Emergency Response Plans and In

Legislative and Regulatory Change, September 2019

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