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Collection of 2023-24 School Year School Safety and Educational Climate (SSEC) Incident Counts 


This memo includes important information about reporting School Safety and Educational Climate (SSEC) data. Please share this information with your school’s Dignity Act Coordinator and other appropriate school and district staff. 

Schools must be safe havens for teaching and learning, free from crime and violence. The NYS Center for School Safety, a contractor for the New York State Education Department's Office of Student Support Services, provides professional development and technical assistance to school and district administrators, staff, students, parents, community members and Boards of Cooperative Education.


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New York State Education Department
Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education Framework
The CR-S framework helps educators create student-centered learning environments


Guide for Suicide Prevention for School Personnel

Companion Guide to the New York State Office of Mental Health’s A Guide for Suicide Prevention in New York Schools from NYSED


Workplace Violence Prevention Law
Memo from the NYS Education Department and NYS Department of Labor (attached) and link to Employer Training video


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