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Race and Racism

More information about race and racism


from the American Psychological Association

RES specifically includes the direct, explicit messages children receive about the existence of racism and the meaning of race, as well as related indirect or implicit messages. Especially for young children, parents and family members are the primary source of RES.


PBS Kids: Talk about Race and Racism

In the PBS KIDS Talk About: Race & Racism special, PBS KIDS spoke with real families and had conversations about racial identity, anti-Black racism, and how it is incumbent on all of us — children and parents alike — to actively work towards building a more equitable society.

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Resources about Race and Racism

Common Sense Media gathered together all their articles and lists of media recommendations to help parents, educators, and others spark important conversations.

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Nickelodeon Parents:
Anti-Racism Resources for Parents and Families

Talking about racism and bias can be challenging. The resources below help families take action.

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Resources for Talking about Race and Racism

Resources for Talking about Race and Racism.  Read articles, interviews/advice from experts, and view resources. 

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