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August 2019 Professional Development Session Materials

Van Guard TEA Time Article

1. Vanguard-TEA_Time_Article_Page_1.jpg

RWJ Foundation Article - School Climate and SEL

2. Article RWJ Foundation Article School

REL Climate and SEL

3. Article REL Climate and

Durlak-Wessberg-Dymnicki-Taylor-Schellinger 2011 Meta Analysis 

4. PDF-3-Durlak-Weissberg-Dymnicki-Taylo

CASEL 3 Signature Practices

5. CASEL 3 Signature

Preparing for Effective SEL Implementation

6. Preparing-for-Effective-SEL-Implement

Tool Modeling  as a Staff OST

Screen Shot 07-23-19 at 02.41 PM.PNG

Strategies for Building a Culture of Appreciation

Screen Shot 07-23-19 at 02.39 PM.PNG

Creating Shared Agreements

Screen Shot 07-23-19 at 02.53 PM.PNG

ATLAS Looking at Data Protocol 

Screen Shot 07-23-19 at 03.00 PM.PNG

Assembling an SEL Team

Screen Shot 07-23-19 at 03.06 PM.PNG

Practice Tea Time

10. Practice TEA Time.jpg

Ten Essentials

2 - Ten Essentials.jpg

Three Questions 

3 - Three Questions.jpg

Casel Compentencies

4 - CASEL Competencies to print_Page_1.j

SEL Note Taker 

6 - SEL Note taker_Page_1.jpg

SEL Bingo 

Personal Assessment and Reflection

7 - SEL Bingo.jpg
8 - Personal-Assessment-and-Reflection_P

3 Postive Actions Activity

9 - 3 Positive Actions activity.jpg

Greece CSD Grades 6 -8
Science SEL Activities

10 - GreeceCSDGrades6-8ScienceSELActivit

SEL Activities and Teaching Practices

Screen Shot 08-07-19 at 02.58 PM.PNG

NRI with Foundational Components

12 - NRI-with-Foundational-Components_Pa

CASEL Schoolwide SEL Implementation

13 - CASEL Schoolwide SEL Implemenation

CASEL Guide to Schoolwide SEL -Implementation Timeline

14 - CASEL Guide to Schoolwide SEL- Impl

Competency Expert  Group Activity 

Competency Expert Group Pies-Half page c

NYS SEL Benchmarks

NYS SEL Benchmarks_Page_1.jpg

NYSED Guide to Systemic Whole School Implementation

NYSED GuideToSystemic Whole School Imple

Sample Teaching Activities to Support Core Competencies of SEL

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